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Our designs for your passion

Sustainable for your games


We use the bioplastic PLA – polylactide – polylactic acid, which is produced from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn.


Only high quality filaments produced in Europe and without harmful additives. Empty spools do not end up in the trash, but are returned to the manufacturer or recycled.


The environmental aspect is the focus of all our models. Our designs avoid unnecessary material and focus on stability with weight and material optimization down to the smallest detail.


With high-quality machines and the know-how to optimize them continuously, we produce with little waste and, of course, exclusively green electricity.


Cardboard product boxes, recycled paper filling material, paper tape and climate-friendly shipping keeps our environmental footprint small.

Eurohells Story

We are Holger and Dani! Boardgaming is our absolute passion and our goal is to give you more time to enjoy your boardgame gems.

We design for you not only simple inserts, but always upgrades with a special trick to shorten the setup time to a few seconds. In addition, we offer you detailed 3D tokens, weighted coins and token sleeves as a special highlight on your game table.

Our Concept


Your upgrades are created from the idea through design, production and packaging in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


When an expansion is released, we provide an upgrade pack that tries to preserve as much of the original insert as possible.


You get a lifetime spare parts service! For little money plus shipping costs, every part can be easily reordered from us.

Sorting Guide

Our QR sorting guide provides you with a video tutorial on one side and a photo tutorial on the other.

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