Features of Eurohell upgrades

Own Designs

In our store you will find exclusively our own designs, every stroke and every detail is drawn by ourselves. Your upgrades are created from the idea to the design, production and packaging in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. This way you can always be sure that all offered upgrades fit into the respective inserts.

QR Sorting Guide

With our QR sorting guide you have everything quickly back in the box. The sorting guide is printed on both sides, one QR code leads to a detailed video and the other side to a quick photo guide.

Factory Second

Prints with small optical flaws are simply too good to dispose of and so we offer Factory Second Items reduced by 20% every now and then, so that even the upgrades with small quirks find a home.

Upgrade Service

We don’t want entire upgrades to end up in the trash. Disposing of an insert just because a new expansion is coming is really out of date today. With us, for every product in the store, you also get an upgrade pack when there is a new expansion. We try to keep as much of the original insert as possible and replace the rest only when absolutely necessary.

Spare Parts Service

You get a lifetime spare parts service! If something is broken or lost, you can order it from us by mail at any time for little money plus shipping costs.

Return of used upgrades

If you have parts from the upgraded insert that you no longer need, or if you want to discard the insert, you are welcome to send them back to us at your expense. We will check everything, possibly melt them down again or pass them on as Factory Seconds. Of course, we’ll send you a small percentage voucher for your next order, keeping the cycle closed for the long term.