Team & Story

Eurohell our absolute passion

Dani & Nodin
Foundress & Feel Good Manager

  • Favourite Genre: euro games and the more stuff the better
  • Boardgames are for me: Escape from everyday life into a completely different world.
  • Why Eurohell: To enable every gamer to bring a board game to the table in seconds in their stressful everyday life. To be allowed to implement all ideas from my head, no matter how crazy they sound and an insanely loving community with simply great customers.


  • Favourite Genre: euro games with all kinds of mechanics, preferably either with space or medieval theme
  • Boardgames are for me: The best invention that has ever been made.
  • Why Eurohell: Because it would be a pity to keep our ideas from the many players and fans out there! I love screwing between printers as much as designing great new ideas without limits. Our own demand for the optimal upgrades for you is what motivates me!
Eurohell Design Team Kris

Web & Digital Developer

  • Favourite Genre: euro games, deduction
  • Boardgames are for me: Challenge and game at the same time, so a symbol for life
  • Why Eurohell: Researching. Ordering. Creative. At Eurohell, I find my personality values not only in my job, but also in what I create.

What happened so far…

December 2023

Boardgame advent calendar with 3D tokens

Our advent calendar is entering its third round. This year, Dennis Lohausen illustrated it and got our Viktor in the Christmas spirit. Thanks to all of you who individually fill one of our calendars every year!

October 2023

SPIEL 2023 hall 2 booth 2A124

An 18m² stand, a trailer full, an additional rental car for your pre-orders, a team of nine – it was amazing!

Juli 2023

BerlinCon Convention 2023

It was a crazy experience and we had a lot of fun talking to you at a smaller convention. Thanks for the great time!

May 2023

New employee Kris

Our first officially advertised job did not remain unfilled for long. Kris convinced us directly in his interview and is now part of the Eurohell team as Web & Digital Developer. You can look forward to many new digital changes.


Year in Review 2022

Printer Count: 36
Team Size: 4 (Dani, Holgi, Sam, Nodin)

Oktober 2022

First employee Sam

After supporting us at the first SPIEL, Sam has now joined the team as Social Media Manager. You probably know him from Instagram as “Brettspielfieber” and we are sure that he will enchant you with many photos of our upgrades.

We thank Sam for his support until March 2024.

Oktober 2022

First exhibition at SPIEL 2022

We scraped together our last savings and put all our eggs in one basket. Unbelievably, you overran us in hall 5 at booth 5I120. We are still overwhelmed and incredibly grateful that you love our upgrades as much as we do.

August 2022

Second Printer Room

Just moved, the bedroom has to give way already. We move into the guest room and make room for the new printer room.


Year in Review 2021

Printer Count: 16

1. April 2020

Moving to Springhoe

The two-room student flat above the rooftops of Hanover was getting too small and the power grid could no longer cope. A plan, a new house, a new state. In Schleswig-Holstein, we start anew with plenty of space for printer and office.

Dezember 2020

Year in review 2020

Printer Count: 8

19. Juli 2020

Release Eurohell Online Store

With Great Western Trail, Brass, Cooper Island and Quacks the adventure started. Trembling and fearing on the first day without a single sale. But then our foundation became known at Twitters player community and you started to storm us so that our 4 printers were quickly fully utilized.

16. April 2020

Founding Eurohell Design

A mechanical engineering student, a graduate engineer and a 3D printer for Christmas, Corona in full swing and we made the most of it!