3D tokens advent calendar 2023 

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Individually fill your advent calendar

As every year, we are offering you an individual advent calendar – you decide which 3D tokens are put in.

We know that reading is pretty boring but we put together this small guidance for you to answer some questions and tell you how this works:

The minimum value of tokens in your calendar is 60 €. We cannot offer this product below this value.

Our advent calendar can hold 3D tokens worth up to 120 €. If you keep filling your calendar above this value you will have the choice:

  • Surprise yourself! Pick all the 3D tokens you want. We will randomly fill another calendar for you (a second calendar if your selected tokens are worth up to 240 €; another one if you surpass 240 € and stay below 360 €; and so on).
  • Decide yourself! Add a calendar worth up to 120 € to your cart to determine which 3D tokens are meant to be in one calendar. Afterwards, fill a new one which you will also add to your cart.

Each advent calendar costs 0 €. You will always only pay for its content, no matter how many you want to order – the calendar itself is on us as a small gift for you!

All of our 3D tokens are available to be picked for your advent calendar. If we are still missing your favourite game, vote for it to become one of our future designs!

Exclusively available in the advent calendar! Official release not until January 2024.

With the advent calendar you can already purchase secret tokens that are yet to be released and will only be publicly available from next year on. You can either surprise yourself with these tokens – we only tell you for which games they are so that you will not buy tokens that you don’t have any use for – or you can spoil yourself by clicking and holding the question mark next to these tokens.

In case you spoil yourself, please do not tell anyone else about the tokens so they can still be surprised!

Dennis Lohausen has designed our advent calendar. We are incredibly happy to offer you this individual Eurohell Christmas design.

We have a few advent calendars left over from last year. If you prefer this design or want a discount of 5 €, use the code “advent22”. We will fill one of the old advent calendars for you then.

Only while stocks last. Due to technical restrictions the code only works once per order containing a calendar, even if your order contains multiple calendars.

Adventskalender Eurohell Design 2022
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  • 3D Token Boonlake waterlily
  • 3D-Token Brass
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  • 3D Token Calico buttons
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  • 3D tokens upgrade Landmarks cones
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  • 3D Token Dune Imperium spice + water
  • Dune-Imperium
  • 3D Token Dune Imperium coins
  • 3D Token Dune Imperium dreadnought + control + combat marker
  • 3D Token Dune Imperium Tleilaxu + research + atom + voice
  • 3D tokens Earth sprout (50 pc)
  • Earth
  • 3D tokens Earth soil
  • 3D tokens Earth player
  • 3D tokens Earth turn + start marker
  • 3D Tokens Everdell base game point tokens
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  • 3D Tokens Upgrade Pearlbrook point tokens
  • 3D Tokens Upgrade Spirecrest point tokens
  • 3D Tokens Upgrade Newleaf point tokens
  • 3D Tokens Everdell base game + expansions 1-5 point tokens
  • 3D Tokens Everdell golden occupied marker
  • 3D Tokens Everdell web tokens
  • 3D Tokens Everdell open signs
  • 3D Token Flotilla victory point stars
  • Flotilla
  • 3D Token Flotilla guild seals
  • 3D Token Flotilla depletion markers
  • 3D Token Glen More clan marker
  • Glen-More-II-Chronicles
  • 3D Token Glen More coins
  • 3D Token Golem resources
  • Golem
  • 3D Token Iki geta + rice + flower
  • Iki
  • 3D Token Living Forest fire
  • Living-Forest
  • 3D Token Living Forest fragments
  • 3D Token Arnak compasses
  • Lost-Ruins-of-Arnak
  • 3D Token Arnak coins
  • 3D Token Arnak alarm clock
  • 3D Token Merv resources
  • Merv
  • 3D Token Merv scrolls
  • 3D Token Nova Luna moon
  • Nova-Luna
  • 3D Tokens On Mars resources
  • On-Mars
  • 3D Tokens On Mars + Alien Invasion resources
  • 3D Token Upgrade Alien Invasion resources
  • 3D Token Paleo skull + heart
  • Paleo
  • 3D Token Praga windows + eggs
  • Praga-Caput-Regni
  • 3D Token Praga crosses + halberds
  • 3D Tokens Revive charakter
  • Revive
  • 3D Tokens Revive switch
  • 3D Token Sidereal Confluence victory point stars
  • Sidereal-Confluence
  • 3D Token Sidereal Confluence spaceships
  • Officially licensed upgrade from:

    3D Token Skymines coins
  • Skymines
  • 3D Token Targi resources
  • Targi
  • 3D Token Targi silver crosses
  • 3D Token Tekhenu resources
  • Tekhenu
  • 3D Token Upgrade Time of Seth blood
  • 3D Token Teotihuacan cacao
  • Teotihuacan
  • 3D tokens TFM markers base game
  • Terraforming-Mars
  • 3D tokens TFM markers base game + Venus + Turmoil
  • Upgrade 3D tokens TFM markers Venus + Turmoil
  • 3D-Token TFM Ares Expedition trees
  • Terraforming-Mars-Ares-Expedition
  • 3D-Token TFM Ares Expedition marker
  • 3D Token Isle of Cats fish
  • The-Isle-of-Cats
  • 3D Token Isle of Cats + Late Arrivals fish
  • 3D Token Upgrade Late Arrivals fish
  • 3D Token Isle of Cats baskets
  • 3D-Token Taverns schnapps
  • The-Taverns-of-Tiefenthal
  • 3D-Token Taverns beer mug + moon
  • 3D Token Underwater Cities resources
  • Underwater-Cities
  • 3D Token Underwater Cities tunnels
  • 3D Token Underwater Cities coins
  • 3D Token Underwater Cities submarines
  • 3D Token West Kingdom coins
  • West-Kingdom-Trilogy
  • 3D Tokens Wingspan birdhouses
  • Wingspan
  • 3D Tokens Upgrade Asia birdhouses
  • 3D Tokens Wingspan food
  • 3D Tokens Upgrade Europe food
  • 3D Tokens Upgrade Oceania food
  • 3D Tokens Upgrade Asia food
  • 3D tokens Woodcraft blueberries
  • Woodcraft
  • 3D tokens Woodcraft tools
  • 3D tokens Woodcraft lanterns, reuse
  • 3D tokens Woodcraft sawblades, glue, scrapwood
  • 3D tokens Woodcraft flowerpot, sawing, baskets
  • 3D tokens Woodcraft squirrel
  • 3D tokens Age of Innovation set 1
  • Top-Secret
  • 3D tokens Age of Innovation set 2
  • 3D tokens Age of Innovation set 3
  • 3D tokens Barcelona set 1
  • 3D tokens Carnegie set 1
  • 3D tokens Carnegie set 2
  • 3D tokens Challengers set 1
  • 3D tokens Challengers set 2
  • 3D tokens Darwin's Journey set 1
  • 3D tokens Darwin's Journey set 2
  • 3D tokens Grand Austria Hotel set 1
  • 3D tokens Grand Austria Hotel set 2
  • 3D tokens MicroMacro set 1
  • 3D tokens Quacks set 1
  • 3D tokens Targi set 1
  • 3D tokens Taverns set 1