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  • REV-T-01 Revive boardgame Upgrade tokens Eurohell character
    3D tokens Revive charakter
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  • REV-A-01 Revive boardgame Upgrade Token Eurohell schwitch
    3D tokens Revive switch
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Highlights at a Glance

Use clearer 3D markers for three Revive characters and recognize them immediately on the game board.

A cool 3D switch replaces your cardboard token and shows you in red that it has been used up and…

…in green that you still have it available. This makes the switch action even more fun.

Heads up! Additional hot-as-hell upgrades for this game are available separately here.

Our Upgrades for Revive®

You’re playing one of the special characters from the campaign on the moon side of the player boards? Then treat yourself to the matching 3D tokens right away for a very special atmosphere on the table.

Token count per set:

temple (ca. 1,6 x 1,4 cm)5
workshop (ca. 1,6 x 1,7 cm)5
target (ca. 1,9 x 0,4 cm)5

Pushing a cardboard switch is only half as much fun as pushing a real switch. See for yourself!

Token count per set:

switch (ca. 3 x 2,8 x 1,2 cm)4

Can be combined with…

Our hell-forged inserts always offer enough space for our complementary designs