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  • Insert Coffee Traders Eurohell boardgame
    Insert Coffee Traders
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Eurohell Originals

Always have a good overview of coffee production: our coffee indicator shows you directly at any time that 24 coffees are currently being produced in this area.

The countless game components of all the players need to be well organized, so you get five boxes with lots of compartments to make tedious sorting a thing of the past.

Our Inserts for Coffee Traders®

Coffee Traders contains a real flood of game material, so that the many bags extremely delay the assembly. Our insert saves you all that! Of course, our insert not only helps you store your game vertically on the shelf, but also simplifies the gameplay. On the one hand, you always have your game material sorted, the objectives in the practical slider ready to hand and, on the other hand, you also get five coffee indicators so that you can always keep track of the coffee production of each area.

Insert Coffee Traders Eurohell boardgame
CT-I-01 Insert Coffee Traders Eurohell boardgame 1
CT-I-01 Inlay Coffee Traders Eurohell boardgame 2
CT-I-01 Organizer Coffee Traders Eurohell boardgame 3
Eurohell Original Insert Coffee Traders boardgame coffee count track round
  • Box outer dimensions:
    ca. 39.5cm x 28.0cm x 7.4cm
  • Featherweight:
    below 420g
versionfilledvertical storable
base gamecompletelyyes

Insert consists of:

Our coffee indicators are the ultimate help for keeping track of coffee production in Coffee Traders. For example, 24 coffees (green) would be distributed here in Brazil, 12 in Guatemala (pink), 17 in Ethiopia (blue), 8 in Indonesia (brown) and 23 in Colombia (purple).

Our slider stows down the display for contracts and milestones so that your game setup can be accelerated immediately.

Five player boxes, each with eight compartments, help you to keep your game material neatly organized and ready for the next round. The lids, decorated with coffee beans, are used for vertical storage and can be clamped under the box during the game.

Four more boxes organize the game material, which you can place directly on the table and have ready to hand at all times.


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Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts that can be swallowed.