The White Castle® Insert


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Delivery Time: about 6 weeks until shipment
  • QR sorting aid with photo & video
  • suitable for premium sleeves
  • game-proven functionality
  • can be stored vertically
  • lid fully closed with one rulebook
  • made from renewable raw materials, made in Germany
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  • TWC-I-01 Insert The White Castle Eurohell Design boardgame
    Insert White Castle
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    Delivery Time: about 6 weeks until shipment
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Eurohell Originals

Place your clan neatly on your player board in a hurry.

The bridge covers protect your cardboard bridges and also serve to store the dice.

Our Inserts for The White Castle®

A large game in such a small box needs to be well organized and the insert provides real added value. With the clan setup in just a few seconds and the cool dice storage, you get something very special here. Each type of card is stored separately to give you the fastest possible set-up.

TWC-I-01 Insert The White Castle Eurohell Design boardgame
TWC-I-01 Insert The White Castle Eurohell Design boardgame 1
TWC-I-01 Organizer The White Castle Eurohell Design boardgame 2
TWC-I-01 Inlay The White Castle Eurohell Design boardgame 3
TWC-I-01 Insert The White Castle Eurohell Design boardgame 4
  • Box outer dimensions:
    ca. 23.1cm x 18cm x 6.7cm
  • Maximum sleeve dimensions:
    71.5mm x 47.5mm x 120 microns
    Player aids: 93mm x 62mm x 120 microns
  • Featherweight:
    below 200g
versionfilledvertical storable
base gamecompletelyyes

Insert consists of:

With our insert, you don’t have to set up your clan with a total of 15 figures individually for each game. Pull the slipcase out of the tray in your player color, place it on the board and start playing straight away. Each player’s small pieces are stored in a small box and the large wooden figures have a special tray with an open base so that nothing flies out – you simply have to experience it for yourself!

Three protective covers for the bridges store the dice and help you to place them neatly on the bridge.

10 different types of cards need to be sorted – so you get a card holder for the playing aids, two to place them directly on the game board and two more to speed up set-up.

Please note: The white cards are stored together with the orange cards in one compartment.

Lots of goods in such a small game box, sorted in a single box with a lid. The tray for the yard tiles holds both the base game and Promo 1.


The game material in the photos is for illustration purposes only, so you can imagine how your new board toy will look together with your game. Although the design team takes great care to ensure that the colors match the game as best as possible, minor color deviations between the product, the photos and the representation on your screen cannot always be avoided.

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Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts that can be swallowed.